Novo Panel System

The Segmented and Simple Solution

A panel based system with clean lines and sharp angles. Novo is available in both classic monolithic and versatile segmented panels. Segmented panels allow you to mix and match fabric, markerboard, perforated metal and glass in a pre-assembled panel. Combine great aesthetic quality and hassle-free installation to create the perfect balance of function and design.


Need a fast and economical solution? Our 10-Day Quickship program features our most popular sizes and finishes in 10 working days.

Easy Installation

This system can be easily installed and reconfigured. Straightforward and practical, with its magnetic bases and cantilever worksurface supports, you'll be up and running in no time.

Compatibility with Fríant Systems

Think outside the cube. Add in a My-Hite adjustable table, or pull from the wide variety of Dash laminate storage. Mix and match across product lines to get the features and functionality that works for you.