Dash Modern Laminate Workspace Solution

Add A Modern Style To Any Workspace

Our challenge was to design and build a one-stop line that fit in stylish offices while being functional and flexible to fit into many uses. The answer came with Dash, a modern line with a contemporary look that features mix and match components that are perfect for Private Offices, Open Workspaces, Conference Rooms, Collaboration Spaces, Storage Solutions, and more! Dash brings together over 30 years of Friant manufacturing history into a total solution. Dash’s unlimited configurations integrate with many of Fríant’s existing offerings, including the Interra panel system. Plus with 4-Week Shipping available on many of our top configurations, you can get your workstation together, faster than ever. No matter your style, Dash works with you.

4-Week Shipping Available

With many of our best options available with our 4-week shipping program, Dash is ready to help any workstation get started. Download the pricebook to learn more!

Compatibility with Fríant Systems

Dash’s flexibility makes it an ideal option when you’re looking to blend into other Fríant systems or office furniture.

Variety of Storage

You can customize your look by adding a variety of storage including pedestals, lockers, cabinets, bookshelves and wardrobe towers.

Limitless Potential

With over 2000 available configurations through our mix and match components, you can create the perfect configuration for your workplace.


Add design details and make any workspace unique with Dash’s range of finishes, components, and power options.