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Create a workplace that positions you for success. Collaborators can work together. And focus when they must. Standers can stand and sitters sit. Individual contributors feel empowered. Executives feel well served. Space Design. All workstyles welcome.

10-Day Quickship Get Furnished Fast

Get Space Design furniture in place fast with the exclusive 10-day Quickship program anywhere in the U.S.

Find a Look Make it Your Own

Select from a wide range of quality wood veneers, laminates, paints, and fabrics or provide your own.

Increase Your Style Decrease Your Footprint

Space Design products meet or exceed the most stringent standards in the country, and may qualify for LEED points.

Height Adjustable Desk Performance Adaptable & Flexible

Adaptable & Flexible Cubicle/Workstations designed for Comfort & High performance

Delivery & Installation safety, longevity functionality

Professionally managed for Safety, Longevity & Functionality. DONE RIGHT.

Relocation & Liquidation Hassle Free Professionally Managed

We Take "HASSLE" out of Relocation/Liquidation with Experience & Professionalism